General overview about sports equipment and sports gear:

To estimate the number of sports fans is quite difficult. There are many who like to physically indulge in them as well. One of the golden rules of any sporting activity is having the proper sports equipment. Then only can they be enjoyed in the best possible manner.

The various types of sports equipment - Different genres of sports involve different kinds of sports gears. Let us discuss about them in details.

Balls - These tools are mainly used for playing ball games, such as football, volley ball, cricket, base-ball, tennis, rugby, basketball, golf, Ping-Pong and etc. There are also some balls which are used for exercising as well. One such ball which immediately comes to mind is the Swiss ball.

Workout gears - They are mainly used at the time of intense work-out. Some of them include the above mentioned Swiss ball, chin-up bars, gym contraptions, weights, dumb-bells, etc. Also protective gears comprise of bench shirts mainly used for power-lifting, Olympian lifting, weight training, cross-fit workouts, weight lifting belts and many more.

Footwear - Shoes are extremely important for any sporting activity. They are also one its main pre-requisites. Leaving one or two there are very few sporting activities which are not without shoes. Some of the popular sports shoes include foot-ball spikes or in common language soccer cleats, cricket spikes, running shoes, golf-shoes, base-ball shoes, basket-ball sneakers, etc. Apart from that boards for surfing, wake-boarding, skate boarding, ice boarding, skates for roller skating, water skiing, and many more.

Protective sports gears - They include abdomen guards in cricket, cricket helmets, mouth-guards, ski suites, pad, gloves for cricket, etc.

Other essentials - Apart from that rackets for tennis, badminton, squash, bats for base-ball and cricket, clubs for mainly golf and sticks for hockey and lacrosse, wickets for cricket, bases for base-ball, nets for tennis, badminton, volley-ball, basketball, Ray-Ban Sunglasses etc. are also some of the important sports equipment and sports gears which are also essential.

Hence these are some of the popular sports equipment and sports gear which are needed for some of the popular sporting activities. Hopefully it was helpful!

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